A progress report

Help me understand something, folks.

Since the 12th of this month, the iBook versions of Mommie Dearest, my hard-boiled accidental detective story, and Inn Sight, my late wife Liz’s cozy B&B mystery, have been available from Apple—both of them FREE until the end of August.

To date, 1276 people from a total of six countries have downloaded a free copy of Inn Sight—a gratifying number. But only 19 people have downloaded a free copy of Mommie Dearest. Not so gratifying. But I’m pretty sure that, somewhere, my late beloved wife is chortling.

Rather than falling into a “nobody-likes-me-think-I’ll-eat-some-worms” mindset, I need to figure out what’s happening. Obviously, Liz’s cozy mystery featuring a female sleuth is beating the crap out of my hard-boiled accidental detective. But what am I supposed to do about that? Specifically, what should I be working on now?

Should I stop working on a sequel to Mommie Dearest, and instead create a sequel to Liz’s Inn Sight? Or make my Mommie Dearest sequel a bit cozier? Maybe meld the cozy and the hard-boiled by having Inn Sight’s female B&B sleuth fall in love with Mommie Dearest’s accidentally hard-boiled amateur detective? Would that work?

Or do I need to subsume my inclination to write hard-boiled stories altogether, in favor of cozier stories? Could I do that? Do I want to? Would that require a sex-change operation? If so, I’m gonna decline. No, that’s definitely a no-go, a price for success I’m not willing to pay. Besides, Medicare doesn’t cover elective surgery. So forget I brought that up, okay? Just forget it. I’ll try to forget it too.

Okay. I’ve decided. Inn Sight‘s Kate Holland is gonna meet Mommie Dearest‘s Andy Eastman, in a winner-take-all blockbuster B&B cozy with a few blood spatters—and lots and lots of good recipes.

While I’m outlining the plot, be sure to download BOTH free books, if you haven’t already. You’ve got until the end of the month—five more days. And if you download only one, make it Mommie Dearest. Please.

Mommie Dearest

Inn Sight




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