Mark your calendar

It’s not often you get something for nothing. Rarer still to get four things for nothing—in this case, four perfectly good books.

This coming weekend, Friday and Saturday, Feb 3 & 4, you can download all four of the ebooks that Hazel Dawkins and I published in 2011

Two ways to get them: 

1. Go to our website, and click on the Kindle link for each book,


2. Just click on each of the Kindle links below:

Eye Sleuth, by Hazel Dawkins (book #1 about Yoko Kamimura, behavioral optometric detective for the NYPD):

Eye Wit, by Hazel Dawkins and Dennis Berry (Book #2 of Yoko’s continuing saga—who knows where it will end; Hazel’s writing Book #3 right now):

Mommie Dearest, by Dennis Berry (the first and perhaps only novel ever published about a former Boeing technical writer who is confronted with dire situations threatening all that he holds dear: wife, son, a laissez faire attitude):

Inn Sight, by Elizabeth Berry, winner of the Malice Domestic prize in 2002:

Yup, all four books are absolutely FREE—and if you don’t have a Kindle device, download the books anyway. Amazon will give you a free Kindle Reader App for your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android smart-phone, even your iPad. 

So… no cost, no obligation. We’re giving the books away. Why? So you can talk about them with your friends.

This is how newly published writers get noticed, right? Later, after your friends know about these terrific books, they’ll order their own copies, paying full price—and get Hazel and I can get off food stamps. That’s how it works, right? Right?

But we do have a favor to ask: After reading the books, how about going back to Amazon and posting some reviews? Again, no obligation. Feel perfectly free to ignore this request.

Especially if you hate the books.


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