Amazon Publishes AND Sells

Mommie Dearest Front Cover

Mommie Dearest Front Cover

Interesting article in yesterday’s New York Times about Amazon’s push to become a full-fledged publisher, as well as a seller of other publisher’s products. What do you think about this development? Is this the beginning of the end for traditional book publishers? Should a self-published author like me cower or cheer?


2 Responses to “Amazon Publishes AND Sells”

  1. Interesting point, D. One more publisher ought not to spell an end or ruination to other publishers but Amazon is clearly far-thinking & willing, nay, eager, to use current technology. Too often, commercial publishers have not kept up wi trends.

    • I know the established publishing houses are scrambling to adapt, understanding that Amazon’s marketing machine is powerful indeed, all the more so now. I expect we’ll see some rather creative endeavors by publishing houses as they attempt to hold on to authors and remain competitive–and keep traditional book stores in operation–while adjusting to new realities. Interesting times, for us writers!

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